Procrastination - How to overcome it and achieve more in your life.

In this episode of the Mid Life Entrepreneurs podcast Business Coach, Kevin H. Boyd talks about Procrastination, how we all do it and he tells a tale of his own fight against it which along the way involved a long search for a new loo-brush but then he details how he finally overcame it a and created two new podcasts!


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Full Transcript

Kevin H. Boyd:
Midlife Entrepreneurs Podcast Number 3, procrastination and podcasts.

When my coach Mark Leruste asked me to create two podcasts before our next session, my first experience was fear. Oh my God, how on Earth am I going to create two podcasts? I’ve spent a whole year thinking I’m going to make a podcast and not doing it and now I’ve got to do two by next week. So I did the thing I always do before any project, I procrastinated. I went around the house and I did all those little odd jobs that needed doing. I even found myself on Amazon ordering a new loo brush like that was important, but I really needed a clean toilet before I could record a podcast. By the way, I did get a great new loo brush, really good it cleans around the edges. Amazing.

Anyway, and then I remembered a trick that I often use on myself when procrastinating. It’s called open the folder with any project that you’re not getting on with. Just get the folder out and open it. Now in modern days, we don’t have folders anymore, but what I did was I went and got the microphone stand, got the microphone out of the bag, plugged that all in. So now all I had to do was press one button and the podcast could begin.

For the first podcast, I just did free association. It was about the time I went to the gym for six months, got myself a personal trainer, so I could be fit enough to go to Bali and learn how to surf. It was great fun. Just taking at the microphone. It was really interesting to see what came up actually. Um, but it did involve an awful lot of editing afterwards because I was rambling along and making mistakes and trying too hard to do it well. But for the second podcast, about how I achieved financial freedom, this is a more serious subject. I felt. The first thing I did was take the book, I had written about it four years ago off the shelf. The book was called The Job Delusion. And it was about my journey of how I, first of all started to understand how wealthy people act and behave.

And right at the beginning of the book, I had written,

I am writing this book to help others wake up to how the wealthy behave, but most of I’m writing this so that I can remember what I have learned.

So I reread the book and I was amazed at how well it was written and how clear the ideas were. And it just showed me again that I can create when I put myself in the right condition and the right condition is to have a deadline because I set myself a deadline of writing 500 words a day. And after three months I had a book and now I had another deadline. The deadline was produced two podcasts by next week.

So I was reminded again of the power of deadlines and also another key thing, the power of accountability. I knew that I had to get those podcasts done because there was no way I was going to embarrass myself by telling my coach, oh, sorry. I didn’t actually do the homework you sent me. I’m paying you all this money so that I don’t actually do what I say I’m going to do. I’m too Scottish to do that. Paying someone all that money, to then not do it.

So the power of accountability, the power of paying for something and the power of social embarrassment. That I haven’t done the thing I said I’m gonna do. Drove me onto first write that book and was now going to drive me on to do these podcasts.

And when I shared the two podcasts with my friends and my coach, I got amazing feedback. They were so positive about what I had done and it made me realize that I can create something that people can be inspired by. So thank you coach, and thank you procrastination and thank you Amazon for delivering me an amazing new loo brush.

Thank you for listening. This has been Kevin Boyd of Midlife Entrepreneurs. Please subscribe to my podcast and get in touch if you want to discuss how I can help you transform your life.