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"Kevin's podcast inspired me to change my career and become financially free!"
Christian Michael
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Season 3

#1 - From Film School to founding tech startup Quick Class an App based eLearning solution
#2 - Mark Leruste, life coach and founder of The Unconventionalists podcast talks about how to turn your mess into a message
#3 - Ruth Anslow, founder of alternative supermarket HISBE talks about what motivates her every day to keep going.
#4 - From TV Actor to Movie Director with a little help from Bill Gates along the way.

Season 2

#1 - How to change your old beliefs about money and embrace a millionaire mindset!
#2 - How to change your limiting beliefs about yourself and become financially free!
#3 - Learn the secrets of having a millionaire mind
#4 - What to do, once you are financially free.
#5 - How to build your own investment property.
#6 - How to BE when you are free of the day job.

Season 1

#1 - Accountability - The magic ingredient in achieving your goals.
#2 - Financial Freedom - How to break free of the 9 to 5.
#3 - Procrastination - How to overcome it and achieve more in your life.
#4 - Escape the day job - True story of one bankers escape from the 9 to 5 to become financially free.
#5 - Investing - What happens when you invest in your dreams.

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