Our tribe is:

Experienced – All that hard-won experience is not out of date; it is the foundation on which you can build your future. Being young is not a virtue but purely an accident of time. Every early-aged person in the world would pay a fortune to know what you know.

Middle-Life – this is an attitude, not a number! If you have reached that middle-point in life where you are looking for a tribe of heretics that will challenge the status quo and support you as you dare to try something new, then you have found your new home!

Our tribe will:

Gather – around the campfire and tell stories of their journey into the world of the unknown. The wrong turns we took, the dragons we slew, and the wisdom we gained.

Share – tools and knowledge on how to overcome our shortcomings and turn them into superpowers so we can leap into the unknown, spread our wings and fly!

Our tribe needs you:

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“Since the age of 16, when I sold my first computer game to a magazine I have been a serial-entrepreneur. Since then I have pivoted towards new opportunities over 20 times in my life and so I know the challenges that await any new entrepreneur. And I look forward to helping you go on the same adventure!”