When you are a 54-year-old entrepreneur, surely you are too old to go to summer camp, after all, isn’t that what you do when you’re a kid?

I am going to share what happens to you when you spend 3 days in Tipi in the Sussex countryside.

Because if you don’t take the risk to try new things and find your tribe in middle age, then life surely will become a steady decline into a predictabley boring status quo.

What every camper Wants and Brings to the party.
What I Wanted to Bring

Fuck it!

That’s what John Parkin said on the first day in the Tipi! John had written a book with that same profane title encouraging us all to ignore all the sensible people around us and instead just go and damn well do it.

That was so what I needed to hear that morning sitting in a tipi in Sussex with 150 other people, some half my age and far cooler than me.

Even though I felt I had messed up numerous relationships and missed out on a myriad of opportunities due to the fear of not being perfect, I was starting to feel, sitting in that Tipi, that just maybe it was not too late to risk trying again to find my tribe and build a community around it.

Over the next 3 days and organic red wine fulled nights, I met numerous people who were at different stages on that journey of waking up from the trance of normal life and realising it was not feeding their soul anymore. That now was the moment they where going to make that change and do and be something new.

But fear is such a powerful force in our lives, it seduces us into thinking that avoiding the unknown is the sanest path to take but it often feels like driving with one foot on the brake while the other is on the accelerator.

Ironically it is when we enter the unknown that we discover the most about ourselves and what we are capable of and it is in this struggle of transformation that makes us feel most alive.

Like all good camping holidays stories are told around the campfire.

If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.


So as it turned out quite a few of my new tribe were sitting in that summer camp tipi and it has given me the enthusiasm to keep building the Midlife Entrepreneurs community as we all need a home for our struggle to wake up and take the risk of failure at a new and more nourishing life.

So keep on challenging the status quo in your life, connect with other like-minded people and say Fuck it! lets do it, every time your fear makes you hesitate about trying something new.

So come and join the Happy Startup School and meet fellow enlightened entrepreneurs just like yourself.